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Reserve Road Skate Park

The Melton Skate Park is located on Reserve Road in a semi-industrial area of Melton. We were asked by the City of Melton to design concept options to install a roof over the 3,800sqm concrete site. It is part of a recreation park, which includes the skate park, netball courts and a sports oval.

Reserve Road runs through a suburb of Melton, which is typified by the saw tooth rooves on warehouses prevalent in the area.

We chose to emulate the saw-tooth roof to some degree. The intent was to design a modular form, which reflects its industrial setting, and introduce an elegant lightweight structure in a free flowing ensemble.

The area of covering is extensive and therefore our intent was to combine metal roofing with clear polycarbonate sheets in a somewhat haphazard pattern, to let natural light into the space below. As the sun moves across the sky, the sunlight and shadows move and change shape creating a dynamic quality to the rigid concrete barriers and ramps that make up the skate park. When looking up the view is through a windowed roof, which allows glimpses to other parts of other windowed rooves. The analogy is looking up into a tree past the branches and leaves at a lower level, to the branches and leaves at a higher level, with glimpses of the sky above.

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