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Laura & Charles Ferguson Museum

Originally built as a bakery in the 1920’s, and located on Old Bakery Lane, the two storey brick building is now home to the Mentone Historical Society. A small group of dedicated enthusiasts volunteer their time to exhibit, store and restore historical memorabilia, including a large catalogue of photographs of the Mentone area.

We were engaged by the City of Kingston to design the restoration works for the building, which required working with a heritage consultant. The challenge was to ensure building code compliance with regards to access and amenity, without undermining the historical value of the building.

The work included the construction of a new floor (the previous floor having been destroyed by rising damp), rectification of the rising damp problem, a new compliant Entry and Staircase, new Kitchen, Accessible Toilet, new floor and wall finishes, new wiring, new mechanical heating and cooling, new lighting suitable for exhibiting old photographs, and general restoration works.

The work was completed in early 2013.

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